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How to Profit from a Market Correction: Diversified Trading Strategies:
What happened to the stock markets these past two weeks?

Many investors, especially long term investors made big losses.

And they're probably asking:
"Is there some way I could have avoided making losses during that period?"

Options 101:
The individual investor will typically include some stocks in their investment portfolio. And whether they are a long term trader or in it for much quicker returns, many investors understand and feel somewhat comfortable with the concepts and techniques of trading stocks.

Options tend to be much less understood - and therefore avoided...

Understanding Options:
In this article I want to describe the basics of options: what they are and how one can trade them.

Options trading is extremely popular and provides much greater possible returns that does trading in the underlying stocks. But it also carries more risk...

Options Trading - Benefits of Leverage:
One of the characteristics that make them so interesting to many investors is that a trader can make use of the power of leverage.

And the word "Leverage" is no accident. It comes from the word "Lever" . Think back to your Physics classes. You probably learnt how levers can help a small person lift a very large weight. By placing the pivot point at the right spot (close to the heavy object and far away from the person) the small person can lift up a much heavier object! The force the person exerts is "multiplied" by the lever.

The Art of Hedging in Options Trading:
A hedge is an investment made to offset the risk incurred by entering another investment. Essentially you are setting up a bet on both sides so that one offsets the other and you can end up winning either way. Think of it as a form of insurance...




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