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"I just set up the order alerts early morning, save them to disk and then download them when the market opens. Everything is then taken care of by the computer. I just monitor it and spend my time surfing! Keep up the good work!" - D.C.

Thanks again for the great service...you go the extra mile for your subscribers and that puts you in the select few!" - G.A.

"I have been a member almost from day one and I guarantee you I will be a member for life. Thank you very much!" - D. C.

"[I must] acknowledge the success I am having with your system. It's the best I've found so far..." - D.C.

"I am glad that I found you several weeks ago. My portfolio was down 70% and I had been trading for three years, but since I became a member with you, I am doing very good. I am going to be a member for my whole life with you guys. In just one month I have made a return of $10,000 from $10,000 that is clean 100% profit." - P.P.

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Not Sure When to Enter and Exit Trades?
Are You Chained to Your Computer All Day Long?
Want a Powerful Strategy That is Easy to Trade?

Welcome to OneWeekTrades - Swing Trading System
OneWeekTrades provides a proven system that will simplify your approach to short-term swing trading. What is swing trading? You are probably familiar with a daily stock chart. You see how many stocks - especially momentum based stocks - tend to move in waves. They might run up $5 or $10 in the course of a few days and then proceed to give part or even all of that back over the course of the next few days. These swings tend to last 3 to 7 trading days. The design of OneWeekTrades is to catch the larger swings both long and short.

The system is highly methodical because we always know at exactly what price we are going to buy the stock, what our profit objectives are and where we will exit should the move start going against us. We also always know when we are going to reverse in the opposite direction to catch the next great swing in trading.

We focus only on a small set of highly liquid, highly traded momentum stocks that trade with millions of shares per day on the Nasdaq. This is important, as stocks that are widely followed tend to trade in more dependable patterns and will also provide you with the liquidity needed to enter and exit trades and the pre-determined price points.

Like our IntradayTrades Day Trading strategy, in OneWeekTrades we trade the momentum stocks that have high volume and solid trends, the main difference being that we're trying to take advantage of the larger multi-day moves you'll experience when holding overnight. Since our risk is potentially higher, at times holding overnight, our profit objectives are also much larger and it's not uncommon for us to have a trade run 30%, 40%, 50% or more in our favor. That's important because we also have to give our trades a reasonable amount of "breathing room" when we enter a trade, and that means your average loss would be higher on a multi-day swing trade than your typical day trade where you can keep your risk to single digit percentages. Both strategies work extremely well together but they also work quite well on their own.

Our Strategy
Each evening you'll see a summary of our open trades. Update your stop price on the current open trades. Set up your new entry order if there is one given. Once the trade is entered, immediately set up your stop to protect against losses. If a stock hits a preset profit target, you can take some profits or simply let the trade run for the full swing.

Then you simply check the subscriber page once per evening, place or change your orders for the following day and you're done. That's really all there is to it. The strength of this strategy is that it's methodical and it takes an unemotional approach to trading. Yes, you are going to have losing trades. You will have periods that perform less effectively than others, but the bottom line is that we are trading through those periods in order to catch the occasional larger swing trades - the runs that can see a stock price double in short order.

The key to the strategy is to focus on the stocks you want to trade, take all the set-ups, and follow the exit strategies - and you can see the potential from the previous results, even with the losing trades included right along with the winners.

You can even trade with options instead of stocks! Since you're targeting larger moves, you might find that using options provides a potentially excellent use of leverage with a controlled risk (your options premium.)


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