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Exclusive Options Picks with Unbelievable Returns!

Welcome to our Options Trading System
We have partnered with one of the top Options Trading experts in the industry to provide you with his tremendous options picks. He still offers this as a separate service under a different name which costs more than our entire fleet of services! Very simple to trade, (we will show you how if you aren't familiar) these picks take advantage of the exceptional leverage offered by options. You now receive these picks Free With Your Subscription!

For options, you can take tremendous advantage of an opportunity. Sometimes, only an 8% to 10% move in the stock translates into a 100%+ move in the option. So, why not trade only options you may ask? The reason is, because we use a much small percentage of our portfolio per option trade. Even if the chances of an options trade are 80% in your favor, would you bet it all every time? Of course not. We have had many successes in option trades, but in options, expect a loss to be 20% or greater of your trade. Therefore, if you only bet 1% to 3% of your portfolio per option trade, a loss is no big deal.

Also, in options, you can have a very slow moving boring stock come to a great entry point. A bounce of 8% or so could give you a double on the option. It could take a few weeks. There is no reason to use a large portion of your trading account on a stock like that. It is too slow. Use a smaller percentage on an option, and that frees up the rest of your money for more trades.

Also, options are GREAT for speculations. Last year we recommended an out of the money call option on GENZ. It has GREAT earnings, and over two days our options were up about 1000%! BUT... had you bet a LOT on GENZ as a stock trade, and it had bad earnings, you would have LOST A LOT OF MONEY. In options, when traded responsibly, it LIMITS LOSS, (using 1% to 3% of your portfolio value) and opens up all sorts of opportunities for fantastic gains.





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