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"I just wanted you to know that I like your strategy. I have done all types of strategies, my own, and subscriptions... I like looking at the same charts each day (with your service). Thank you for a strategy that is easy to follow, and that works!" - S. A.

"I just set up the order alerts early morning, save them to disk and then download them when the market opens. Everything is then taken care of by the computer. I just monitor it and spend my time surfing! Keep up the good work!" - D.C.

Thanks again for the great service...you go the extra mile for your subscribers and that puts you in the select few!" - G.A.

"I have been a member almost from day one and I guarantee you I will be a member for life. Thank you very much!" - D. C.

"[I must] acknowledge the success I am having with your system. It's the best I've found so far..." - D.C.

"I must say you folks are the best." - P.C.

"Thanks for your honest representation and keep up the good work. You guys are great." - M.A.

"Thanks for your excellent picks."- D. D.

"Thanks for your help. You guys are great!" - D. M.

"I think you have a great service." - W. B.

  1. Day Trading System: Tremendous Action With The Market’s Biggest Movers!

Our Flagship Strategy! This 100% Mechanical Day Trading System is so simple & powerful, you'll wonder how you ever traded any other way! Designed to catch the biggest daily movers both long & short with pinpoint accuracy. Learn More!

  2. Swing Trading System: Takes Just 5 Minutes A Day To Manage Your Trades!

Do you want to minimize your time trading but still want great results? Our longer term swing trades uses the same strategy as above, but focuses on medium term plays. No need to be at your computer all day to profit. Learn More!

  3. Options Trading: Exclusive Selections Offering Truly Unbelievable Returns!
  Options are finally made easy! Exact entries, exits, stops and timelines are always given. Never trades options before? You'll want to now when you see how easy it can be! Tremendous returns on a consistent basis. Learn More!
  4. Daily Market Commentary: Expert market analysis and long term plays
  Start your trading day with a daily, informative commentary on the current state of the market by our expert market analyst. The easy to read commentary is insightful, informative and points you to key longer term trading trends and opportunities in the major sectors of the market. Are gold stocks going to be hot next month? Or is it time to sell High Tech stocks? Our commentary will always have you in the know!
      Still trying to figure out how to trade today's complex markets? Well your search is OVER! Congratulations... You have finally stumbled across a system that is so powerful and consistent, you won't believe you have ever traded any other way. Thousands of traders have used this system with success, and now you will be joining them. Don't believe it? Well we are going to prove it to you today for FREE!
      Let's cut to the chase...how does it work? Every day there are certain stocks which are the big movers. We identify which these are by looking at recent volume, trading ranges, and other very reliable factors. We then select 4-5 stocks out of a set of about 20 candidates. Yes, we only select the best stocks each day. Why? Because we really KNOW that these stocks will move! We have become experts on these particular trends. Once we identify direction, long or short, using our own powerful indicators and knowledge on these few stocks, we then enter the trade at the open with a pre-determined risk/stop level. More often than not we get the direction right, and only stop out after locking in a large profit.
      Here's where it really get's juicy! We we can still make large profits on the day even if we get the direction wrong! How is this possible? Simple! We have a predetermined risk/stop level on every trade. If we get the direction right, we will stop out only after locking in profit, but if we get it wrong, we reverse in the other direction at that same risk/stop level. So if we go long first, and do stop out, we will immediately be short at that stop price, now riding the stronger trend way into profit land!
     How can we be so consistent? Remember we are experts in only a few stocks, so we know which will be the big movers. We can lock in profits as long as they make their move in one direction - which is usually the case. Even if we get it wrong the first time, the second trade will very often wipe out the first small loss, and lock in a much larger gain!
      Does It Really Work? The performance above is real. Our strategy is so consistent, that within 1 or 2 sessions you will be a believer. Within 3 or 4 sessions you will be jumping in the market to trade our strategy in your live account. In fact if we don't average at least 5% per week during your trial, we will extend your time - FREE. And we have almost never had to do this!
     Sign me up now! When you subscribe today you will immediately have access to our member's page. The IntraDayTrades set-ups are given the evening before, so you'll always have plenty of time to get ready for the opening bell!
      So simple to Understand! Follow the Trading Guide that is available to our subscribers and you'll know exactly when to take profits and when to exit the trade. It couldn't be easier! In fact we have actually taught grade 4 students to trade this system with absolute success!
      Get Started Tonight!
  Here is what you get:

  • A proven trading methodology where you take advantage of the countless long and short opportunities that present themselves every morning.
  • No running up large commissions, no worries about overnight exposure, especially given the current market conditions
  • Profitable trades in any direction. If the market is in a bear market - you don't care. If it's a bull market - you don't care. All you need is price movement and the strategy takes care of itself.
  But Wait! We aren't even close to being done!!

In addition to the phenomenal system above that will literally change the way you trade forever, we have 3 other huge services that are all included in your membership!

When you sign up today you will also get three additional services including our latest addition - our powerful options picks!

Take our Free Trial Today and get Four Services for the Price of One!

OneWeekTrades Takes only minutes a day! This swing trading system is designed for active traders who want to catch the larger short-term swings - both long and short - while avoiding the risk of longer-term buy-and-hold investing. Takes only minutes per day, and is producing returns just as strong as our short term strategy above - a must see, and previously an entire separate membership - now included!

Options Picks! We have partnered with one of the top Options Trading experts in the industry to provide you with his tremendous options picks. He still offers this as a separate service under a different name which costs more than our entire fleet of services! Very simple to trade, (we will show you how if you aren't familiar) these picks take advantage of the exceptional leverage offered by options. You now receive these picks Free With Your Subscription! Take a look at some recent performers...

Daily Market Commentary from our expert analyst
Start your trading day with a daily, informative commentary on the current state of the market by our expert market analyst.
The easy to read commentary is insightful, informative and points you to key longer term trading trends and opportunities in the major sectors of the market. Are gold stocks going to be hot next month? Or is it time to sell High Tech stocks? This commentary will let you know!



  Learn about our Day Trading Strategy

The bottom line is that you have to always accept risk in any trade. Even the best strategy will have losing trades. The key is smart money management and an effective strategy that is designed to overcome the periodic losses. You have that right here with IntraDayTrades. Your $97 monthly investment is all it takes. Just think: for the cost of a few commissions you have an incredibly powerful trading methodology. Take a look at the prior results to see just what you are moments away from experiencing. It's that simple - and you'll also receive full access to our OneWeekTrades strategy, our Options Picks and the Daily Market Commentary. So whether you want to day trade or swing trade, play the options market or do them all, you'll have a strategy perfect for you. Subscribe today.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:



Disclaimer: Stock, and options trading is not appropriate for everyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using any of the Intradaytrades.com systems will generate profits or ensure freedom from losses.

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